Brutal Attack on Muslim youth in Bareilly Caught on Camera, Sparks Outrage

By – Samya Nabi

A horrifying video depicting a brutal attack has spread shock and criticism after surfacing on social media. The incident reportedly took place on a busy street in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, late at night, leaving viewers horrified.

According to sources from X, the accused in the video has been identified as Rinku, a momo seller. The victim, identified as Mohammad Shafiq, was subjected to a violent assault captured in a painful 7-second clip that has since gone viral. The incident happened in a crowd of people, but no one tried to stop Rinku from hurting the young man or help him. Instead of assisting, bystanders chose to film the terrible attack. The videos then spread widely on social media, causing widespread upset and shock.
A video of the incident posted by an X user

In the disturbing footage, Mohammad Shafiq is seen lying on the road, with another man sitting on his back, forcefully restraining him. Rinku then holds a knife and slashes Mohammad Shafiq’s throat in a merciless manner.

Bareilly City III Circle Officer issued a video statement confirming that a violent argument erupted between the two individuals, leading to the grave assault captured in the footage. Shafiq was quickly taken to the hospital where he remains in critical condition. Doctors are working hard to stabilize him, but his outlook is uncertain due to the seriousness of his injuries.

Police are searching for Rinku, the person accused of this brutal act. He faces criminal charges, and authorities are actively trying to capture him. Meanwhile, Shafiq’s family is deeply upset about his condition, feeling that someone could have helped him sooner.

Bareilly Police statement – Posted on X

As a society, we all have a responsibility to act in a crisis, protect human life, and stop violence. We need a community where everyone cares and takes action, especially in tough situations. Our hearts are with Shafiq and his family, hoping he recovers soon and justice is served.

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