Deceased body of Indian national is waiting for burial over the last seven days

The dead body of Indian national is waiting for burial in his homeland for the last seven days.
Mr. Mohammad Jamaluddin, Indian National, Date of Birth:12/11/1970, Died of cardiac arrest in Mecca, Kingdom of Saudi Arabi on 23/01/2019 at 4.00 PM. His Brother and Brother in law are there to bury him in Mecca’s graveyard. All the procedure and paperwork is complete but Indian consulate at Jeddah has not yet issued a required letter for this purpose. The embassy has denied the said letter on the ground that name of the wife of the deceased is not the actual name on the passport of his husband(Deceased)but it is the nickname of her.  It completely contradicts what Indian Embassy says in its website in regarding of death of Indian Nationals “The Embassy/Consulate, however, accords high priority for disposal of mortal remains and for expeditiously completing the registration and issuing NOC, officials of the Embassy/Consulate are available round the clock”.

We, therefore, kindly request Indian consulate at Jeddah to issue NOC at the earliest so that his relatives can perform his last rituals.
We request you please make an instruction to Indian consulate at Jeddah to take immediate action and issue the required letter as soon as Possible, as the last rituals of the deceased can be completed earliest.

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