Delhi Police urged to Shaheen Bag Protesters to clear the Road, said “Understand The Suffering”

Protest have been going on for over a month in Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh against the citizenship amendment, due to which the road of Sarita Vihar and Kalindi Kunj has been almost closed for a month. Changes in route have been made which still are causing people’s problems.
The Delhi Police has once again appealed to the protesters of Shaheen Bagh to open the way. The Delhi Police tweeted yesterday that we do appeal to the protesters to cooperate and clear the way in view of public interest, ” In another tweet, before that the police said, ‘We are on Road 13A in Shaheen Bagh Sitting appeals to protesters that the should understand the problems being faced by Delhi-NCR residents, senior citizens, patients and school going students because of all the highway has been blocked since the protest has been started. In the same tweet, the police have also raised the matter of the High Court, they said that this matter has also risen in the High Court. Significantly, in the Shaheen Bagh area, since December 15, people have been sitting on demonstration.

At the same time, the court also said that in view of people’s problems, under law and order, the police can vacate the road anytime. Even after this, people are not ready to withdraw from the street, seeing that Delhi Police has once again appealed to the protesters to clear the way. These people are sitting on demonstrations day and night continuously, they say that citizenship laws are anti-constitution and until the government withdraws this law, they will all stand like this, it is a matter of seeing that this is the first such protest in Modi government who is not taking the name of the end.
If we talk about Shaheen Bagh alone, then every day thousands of people register their presence here. Demonstrations are being held all over the country regarding the Citizenship Amendment Act, in which the presence of so many people in Shaheen Bagh alone raises questions over the Central govt.
BJP leader Kapil Mishra had filed a petition in the court seeking to start the movement of vehicles in Shaheen Bagh, on which the Delhi High Court was first prevented from removing the barricading but the High Court later ordered the police to take action in view of law and order and public interest.