MT News Network, HYDERABAD:The Muslims across India Oppose & Condemn the “Muslim Women Bill 2018” which is brought for the Second time in Rajya Sabha and posted for 2nd January 2019.
The Bill may Break marriages rather than empowering women, it is a direct blow to family system & institution of Marriage. Bill is brought for “Empowering Muslim Women” but provisions in Bill defeat its very purpose. Muslim Women will not get anything from this Bill, instead she is left Abandoned, Deserted. Her condition will become more miserable.

In any Criminal Case it is the Magistrate who decides the granting of Bail, not the victim (Section 7 (c)) On mere allegation of the wife, the husband is jailed, this is against the Criminal Jurisprudence.
It is irony that there is Freedom in this country for Men &Women to have premarital, extramarital and even multiple relationships. Decriminalisation in Sec 377 is an example of Freedom in personal, civil matters, why then a Muslim husband is penalised for divorce.

Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005 is much more empowering to women where the women gets the right to residence in the same home. This Bill is Faulty, the Law makers acting in haste, no proper consultation done in framing the Bill.
How can there be two parameters of benefits, privileges to divorcee women, those who are divorced by Talaq-e-Ehsan and those who are divorced by Talaq –e-Biddat. How can the Children whose divorced by standard procedure whose custody according to Parents & Guardians Act decided on “welfare of child” be treated differently by this Bill – Section 6 “Married Muslim Women shall be entitled to custody of her Minor children in event of pronouncement of Talaq by her Husband”.. Is this not against Right to Equality. Is this not against Children’s Rights.

All India Muslim Personal Law Board has time and again stated that the triple talaq in one sitting is not the standard procedure of divorce and those practising this shall face Social Boycott. There was no need of this Bill after the Supreme Court Judgement invalidating “Triple Talaq. It is brought with political and communal motives to divide the Society.

The Institution of Marriage involves the husband, wife & children and also there are other dependents old age parents, sisters etc., This Bill is Inhuman, Antiwomen, Barbaric and damaging the family & Social fabric of the community.

We oppose and reject this Bill and request & appeal the Rajya Sabha members to send it to SELECT COMMITTEE for legal scrutiny.

M Qaisar Siddiqui is a young journalist and editor at Millat Times