Opinion| Education in the time of Covid-19

The world acknowledges that Covid19 has paralyzed the whole human system across the globe. Surely, in such kind of unbearable and heinous environment continuing the daily routine activities in different spheres of life is a difficult job. Because of the survival of life in the recent globally, tribulation situations must be important and first priority in every aspect.

Thinking meticulously about the time wastage and future of students the #HEC has taken decisive steps to start online classes nationwide in the country immediately. Absolutely this unique and unmatchable decision has been appreciated by every school of thought in the country. According to the new policy as well as strategy, starting online classes was the need of the hour and commendable initiation throughout the #Pakistan. So, future builders may keep continuing their educational journey without any interruption. To somewhat it was highly applaudable and effective action especially from #HEC and governmental responsible authorities for the sanguine and shining future of the students. Saving the lives of students is inevitable than their regular classes in University campuses in the views of HEC, in current contagious pandemic in the country. The whole #Pakistani nation is in the condition of trouble. Still every individual feeling himself in deep water due to viral diseases which has infected countless people.

Rightly, the government has imposed strict and multiple restrictions on those who don’t adopt precautionary measures and other protective precautions.

On the other hand, there has remained no one to think for the development, prosperity, and sustainable peace except the students. Really all the students have become the hope of the whole nation. Especially in the 21st century.
Now, the students have been protesting for fundamental rights at every possible forum. Anyone has considered it propr to engage with them and hear their observations. It is the constitutional right of students to raise voice against the one-sided and bigoted policy of the government. The demands of students are legitimate and genuine. They (students) have been revising these words at different forums particularly in their protest rallies over and over, and argue for the alacrity of govt. They say that if the govt can open big industries, Hotels and shopping malls under SOPs and precaution measures, then why don’t give permission to Schools, Colleges and Universities by following all necessary precautions. The government has lifted every sort of restriction from commercial areas and trade markets. Unfortunately, just the indelible asset (students) of the nation face myriad problems.
Such as poor net signals, 3G, and 4G in this advanced age. Specifically, the students of #Ex FATA as well as #Baluchistan deprived of internet facilities in the transition period. Then how it possible to attend classes regularly in such narrow circumstances in the country.

The federal government should take it seriously and provided the basic facilities to the students lest the attention of students not divert to bellicose and unpleasant activities. Students have played the role of Frontline soldiers for the betterment of the country and will devote all its energy to the advancement of Holy country Pakistan. Education and students will shine the status of the country in the world. So spend on students and provide facilities for them.

The author Prince Dummar is an undergraduate student. Views are personal.

The Editor of Millat Times English and founding member of Millat Times Group, featuring stories and reports Email: irshadayub5@gmail.com