Popular Front National Executive Council calls Recent legislations infringement of democratic rights;Expresses concerns about worsening situations in Assam & Kashmir

Press Release05 August 2019,New Delhi:The National Executive Council meeting of Popular Front of India held in Calicut, Kerala on 3rd & 4th August has stated that BJP is misusing the dominant majority the party has in the parliament for repressive legislations that infringes basic democratic rights. A number of legislations with long term impact like UAPA Amendment Bill 2019, NIA Bill 2019, RTI Amendment Bill 2019 and Triple Talaq Bill were passed by the parliament in a matter of days. The nature of the bills and the hurried manner they were passed without parliamentary scrutiny and without giving any consideration to the grave objections raised against the bills are alarming signs that BJP is misusing its majority against the spirit of democracy.

Opposition parties stand on the bills deceitful
The meeting also questioned hypocritical stand of the opposition party members in the parliament regarding the Bills. Many members of the opposition parties were highly vocal against the bills and they complained that 14 bills were rushed through in short period without scrutiny. However, when these bills came for voting, most of them voted in favour in both houses. BJP managed to get the bills passed in both houses in spite of the fact that the party still does not have majority in Rajya Sabha. These members, except a few, have proved to be either insincere or intimidated by BJP.

BJP trying to finish opposition parties
The meeting expressed concern over the political depravity of BJP which is buying MLAs and MPs of other parties and creating political crisis in states that are not ruled by the party. It is shameful that not only BJP, those who are being sold out from opposition parties have also betrayed the people and principles. They have brought down an elected government in Karnataka. In other states too MLAs and MPs of other parties are defecting to BJP for money and other gains. Through this hijacking of people’s democratic aspirations by taking advantage of the power-hungry leaders, BJP is proving that they would go to any extend to destroy other parties. It wants to create a crippled democracy without viable opposition. The meeting asked other parties to resist and defeat BJP’s vicious tactics by strengthening and electing leaders who are committed to people and principles rather than power and pelf.

Assam NRC: Stop maladministration leading to humanitarian crisis
As only weeks left for the Supreme Court set deadline for publishing NRC final list, the
Assam situation on the ground shows that the state is headed to a humanitarian crisis with lakhs of people officially losing their citizenship. According to the reports 3.9 lakh people have not yet been able to file their claims and objection to be included in the list. Meanwhile, reports are flowing in from many places that people who are already in NRC list are being called in large numbers for re-verification of the citizenship records. In other words, if the publication of the final list takes place as scheduled, there will be lakhs of people without a country and civil rights. The NEC of Popular Front appeal the Supreme Court of India to come up with a more humane solution to the problem to avoid a civil war like situation being created in Assam.
Kashmir: Save the situation going worse
The NEC meeting of Popular Front has expressed anguish and disappointment over the worsening situation in Jammu & Kashmir. Recent escalation of clashes and killings, deployment of additional armies, suspension of Amarnath Yatra, vacating students and tourists etc have created panic in the state. There are reports that all major political parties and the people rallied behind them have turned more hostile towards the central government. The meeting pointed out that the issues in Kashmir can be ultimately solved only by taking the people there in confidence. A permanent solution to this decades long complex problem cannot be reached by mere show of military might. The meeting reminded that, instead, the real political wisdom lies in returning to the dialogue process by involving all genuine sections of people in Jammu & Kashmir.

Welcomes Supreme Court order in Unnao rape case
The meeting welcomed SC order in Unnao case. SC intervention for a rape victim who is fighting for justice against powerful criminals is a highly hopeful. The grave injustice suffered by a girl and her family in Yogi Adityanath led Uttar Pradesh is a proof that the law and order situation in the state is in shambles. Even the Supreme Court has taken note of it and transferred the case to Delhi. The apex court has even ordered CRPF protection to the girl. It means that court is distrustful of the UP government and police. In the light this judgment, we demand UP government to refrain from promoting atrocities and protecting the criminals.
Decries U S war cry over Iran
The NEC meeting observed that strengthening hostility towards Iran by U S and allies is part of the attempt to destabilize and destroy yet another nation in the region. While there are ample opportunities for peaceful resolution of the issue through negotiations, the unilateral US withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear deal and re-imposition of economic sanctions on Tehran is an indication that the US does not want peace. The capture of ships by Britain followed by Iran has led the entire region to an atmosphere of war. We call upon the world leaders to work for peaceful resolution of the issue to prevent another round of bloody destruction in the region.
Chairman E Abubacker presided over the meeting, which was attended by General Secretary M Mohamed Ali Jinah, Vice Chairman OMA Salam, Secrataries Anis Ahmed and Abdul Wahid Sait, and National Executive Council members EM Abdul Rahiman, Prof. P. Koya, K M Shareef, Adv. A. Yusuf, A S Ismail, Muhammed Roshan, M Abdussamad, Muhammed Ismail etc.

M Qaisar Siddiqui is a young journalist and editor at Millat Times