Read Relevant Points in NPR Manual and Save Yourself from Jumlas

Burhanuddin Qasmi

These attached are clips from the NPR manual issued by the Govt. of India. NPR is about to begin from this April 2020.

The #BJP4India Govt. claims it didn’t utter the word #NRC ever since it came to power in 2014 and there is no relationship between NRC and #NPR.
This claim is utterly false and misleading.

Present #NPRisNRC, it is entirely different from what was during UPA. The Govt. will seek documents during NPR, verify and crosscheck them. The NPR officials will be entitled to decide about your citizenship and make an entry into the National Population Register (NPR). They will also put mark as doubtful (D) voters against the entries which they may find fit to mark.

#Assam is exempted from NPR because NRC was recently conducted, which put 19 lakh people out of National Register of Indian Citizens (NRIC) list. If NPR is not NRC then why Assam is not included in the NPR? Is Assam not part of India?

Still this Govt. is campaigning to make people believe that there is no link between #NRC&NPR and the #CAA is just to give citizenship, not to take. In Assam 19 lakh citizens are already in deep trouble. CAA may help 5 lakh illegal Bangladeshi people to gain citizenship as refugees but the remaining 14 lakhs who are from all religions as Muslims, Hindus, Christians etc. and from all classes such as Dalits, Tribals and even indigenous people of Assam left to prove their citizenship again in the Courts (Foreigners Tribunals). If they cannot prove their citizenship in the FTs then their ultimate destination will be detention camps and all their belongings and properties will be confiscated. This is what is stated in the Citizenship Act as well as Foreigners’ Act of India and in clear black and white.

BJP-led Govt. and it’s paid trolls including media are out to make you understand about #CAA_NRC_NPR as if whole of India is a bunch of fools and influenced by misunderstanding.

You may do a simple thing, no need to listen to anybody, no more jumals please, just read by yourself the NPR manual along with Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 and Citizenship Act 1955. Try to figure out who is a foreigner and who is a citizen of India as per the Constitution of India. These things are available online, please read and make your decision if we need an Act wich is against our Constitution because #CAAIsAnti_Constitutional and #CAAIsAnti_National therefore, #WeRejectCAA and #IndiaAgainstCAA.

Remember, we had Citizenship Act 1955 which gives citizenship without being biased or communal to any religion or region. We have offered citizenships to many people in last more than 65 years who were genuinely in need, who could meet our criteria of being Indian, and we may do so in future too being within our secular democratic Constitution, there was or there is no issue at all. The issue is that the present Govt. is offering Indian Citizenship to illegal immigrants to India from three Muslim majority countries and putting millions of its own citizens in deep trouble through NPR_NRC_CAA. This is three in one and one in three if you but understand.

The author is editor of Eastern Crescent and director of Markazul Ma’arif Education and Research Centre, Mumbai.

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