SC has refused to Stay CAA while Centre Has 4 Weeks To Respond

The Supreme Court today refused to put on hold the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA), which is at the core of nationwide protests and gave the centre four weeks to respond to petitions on the law.

Today, Supreme Court has refused to hold back the newly Citizenship Amended Act which is also called CAA and also it is at the core of nationwide protests and from last, more than 35 days lakhs of women sittings are also happening across the country while hearing on 144 pleas supreme court has given four weeks to The BJP led central govt to respond over these petitions on the law.

While here the Supreme Court has also said that a five-judge constitution bench will be giving an interim order on some petitions of 144 pleas over CAA. But along with it, The Supreme Court has made it already clear that it would not hold the law back without hearing the Centre that is why Court has given four weeks to center to reply over the petition.

A bench of Supreme Court Judges which is headed by Chief Justice Bobde is right now hearing those 143 petitions which is filled for CAA in which the most of petitions are challenging the validity of the CAA.

“This matter is uppermost in everyone’s mind,” this was said by Chief Justice Bobde.

“Because of the unmanageable crowd, we may hear some small matters in chambers and lawyers can come in chambers,” he added ahead.

The Supreme Court has issued notice to Centre and The Attorney General K K Venugopal, appearing for the Centre, told the bench that the government has been given copies of around 60 pleas out of the 143 petitions and here He also has said that they wanted time to respond to pleas which have not been served on it.

Senior lawyer Kapil Sibal had urged the bench to put on hold the CAA and postpone the National Population Register (NPR) for the time being.