SDPI welcomes the lockdown, the government should try to solve the problem on war scale: Mohammad Afzal khan

District general secretary of the Social Democratic Party of India muzaffarpur, Mohammad Afzal khan said the lockdown decision is mandatory,
that the world, including my country, India is suffering from an epidemic that is like a resurrection, the most important treatment is physical distance, so it is necessary to make this physical distance sure and successful. Therefore, we welcome the decision of the lockdown of the government, as well as Mohammad Afzal khan said that any epidemic comes with many problems on the world, so we have to fight with all those problem simultaneously. Noble Corona has also come with a great challenge of hunger. So it is necessary for the government to deal with this challenge to succeed the lockdown project. Government has to remove the barrier in way of social and political organisation serving the public in this emergency.

He said that apart from lockdown and availability ration, test of Covid-19 on a large scale is one of the most important weapon to fight against Noble Corona. E-supply should be ensured to provide maximum mask and sanitizer to the public to work well on sanitising streets and other public places.

Mohammad Afzal khan said that the Social Democratic Party is in front of the public in muzaffarpur like the whole country.

Press Release by SDPI

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