The death toll touched 31, Is this the ‘endgame’ for the Islamic Republic of Iran

“Death to the dictator” it’s about regime change, News agency AFP reported 31, people have been killed during a violent crackdown on the streets of Iran. The internet is severely restricted in different parts of the country as the government tries to curb the protest.

New Delhi: Women across Iran are setting their hijabs on fire, from the last 7 days Iranian women are on the streets protesting against the hijab mandate.

Women burning hijab during anti-hijab protest, Shwan Mohammed/AFP

They are tired of being beaten up by the country’s ‘morality police’ for not following the strict Islamic dress code.

The discontent is also due to the economic conditions unemployment, inflation and the year of US sanctions are other driving forces behind the unrest.

Protest is no longer just about clothing now men standing next to women chanting the slogans “death to the dictator” Protesters demanding the end of 43 years of oppression.

The people of Iran have come to the streets against the country’s strict dress code.AFP

What was the issue?

The nationwide protest erupted after the custodial death of a 22-year-old Kurdish woman in the capital Tehran, her name was Mahsa Amini, and her crime was not ‘wearing hijab properly’ 22-year-old Mahsa, was detained and beaten by the country’s morality police.

Government officials claimed: “she’s not been subject to any physical violence Amini had a pre-existing medical condition, and she died of a heart attack”.

Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini died after spending three days in a coma. credit  NewsFLASH

Officials released CCTV footage of the moment when she collapsed, but the CT scan open up a new story Amini’s skull had been fractured and there was evidence of a haemorrhage her family claims that Amini’s body turned bruises as a result of the torture.

In the interview with foreign media the father of Mahsa Amini, Amjad Amini said: “my daughter was not suffering from any pre-existing medical condition she was a healthy young woman with no medical condition the authority made up a lot of lies”.

What is Currently happening?

Violent protests escalate across the country over 700 people have been arrested, on Friday the first major counter-protest erupted in the support of the government, and thousands of protesters are on the streets of Tehran after the Friday prayer to call for an end of anti-government protests after the death of Mahsa Amini.

Pro-hijab rally in the capital Tehran. AFP

People are angry over the public burning of headscarves (Hijabs) by some protesters, they said, “if protesters have an objection to hijabs then why do they start rioting and setting banks and ambulances on fire”.

The stand of the Iranian government 

The Iranian government called Amini’s death a tragedy and opened a probe, some government officials said “the fact that you see protesters burning mosques, burning police stations shows this is not something normal this is an organise effort to cause chaos”.

Iranian state media reported, president Ebrahim Raisi, said the country needed to deal conclusively with protesters who opposed security and tranquillity. Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, accused Western adversaries for movement among Iranian women activists.

Now the big concern is the death of Mahsa can lead to a situation of unrest in Iran. Mahsa Amini belongs to the Kurdish community, Kurds are an Iranian ethnic group they are a Sunni minority in a Shia-dominated Iran, almost 10 million Kurdish people are living in Iran, Amini’s death can mobilize the Kurdish community and it could rekindle their demand for a separate country.