Those Involved in Violence being Rewarded with Appointments by JNU VC

The JNUSU would like to bring the following to the notice of everyone concerned. We all know that the horrific violence on January 5th in the campus perpetrated by the ABVP, Cyclopse Security and JNUTF involved a high level of coordination. It has come to the notice of the JNUSU that people who were part of the whatsapp groups that coordinated the violence are now being appointed as Assistant Professors. According to verified media reports, one of the persons, Renu Sain who was clearly involved in the planning of the violence over whatsapp has now been appointed as an Assistant Professor in the School of International Studies.

We all know that the VC has been appointing ABVP activists as Assistant Professors irrespective of whether they have the necessary qualification or not. The reason is to do with destroying the academic fabric and the eminent standing of the university. The model of education that the university promotes where Nobel prize winners are produced at the most affordable costs of studying which is an eyesore for the right wing can only be destroyed by simoltaneously privatizing the university and filling it with ABVP and RSS people who can blunt the intellectual rigor and academics of JNU. In the violence of 4th and 5th January, the ABVP was aided by former ABVP activists and current JNU faculties through the so called JNU Teachers’ Federation. The JNUTF was former after these teachers ‘disaffillliated’ themselves from the JNUTA (Akin to ABVP dissociating from JNUSU which tells you the irony of the situation). Recently appointed Assistant Professors like Jaikhlong Basumatary and Anshu Joshi- leading lights of the JNUTF, took the initiative in attacking students those days. The Dean of SIS Ashwini Mohapatra had infamously said ‘main ABVP tha aur ABVP rahunga’. One of the other recent appoint ees, Tapan Kumar Bihari, who as an ABVP activist has faced suspension in his alma mater University of Hyderabad for violence, has been the Warden of Periyar Hostel and during the violence in 5th, the ABVP activists and goons from outside had gathered in his flat with rods and lathis and engaged in heavy stone pelting on students and even broke the Bike of another teacher Amit Thorat.

These recruitments are being done at the same time as the administration is now moving to delegitimize the Teachers Association by getting a motion passed in the Executive Council that *does not allow JNUTA to use it’s own office or have any assisting staff.* This is a clear design to place the thugs who are being appointed in prominent positions and scuttled any position or means by which the students and teachers can raise their voice at the sinister turn of events.

The appointment of Ms. Sain- who was the admin of the whatsapp group coordinating the violence shows that the VC is not recruiting teachers but henchmen who will commandeer rod wielding stone pelting mobs. The JNUSU demands that an enquiry be set up by the HRD on the irregularities in appointments and what appear to be clear cases of corruption and nepotism investigated. We have already categorically stated that this VC is not acceptable to the JNU community and must be removed.

Press release by JNUSU

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