Tragedy in Hathras : Panic at Religious Gathering Claims 121 Lives

A tragic stampede during a religious congregation in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, has resulted in the loss of 121 lives marking one of the deadliest such incidents in recent years. The incident occurred on Tuesday during a ‘satsang’ near Phulrai village in the Sikandrarau area, led by religious preacher Bhole Baba.

Eyewitnesses recounted scenes of chaos as thousands of devotees gathered to participate in the spiritual event. The stampede reportedly broke out around 3:30 pm when many attendees rushed forward to touch the feet of Bhole Baba as he departed. In the rush, many slipped and fell on the ground, triggering a chain reaction that led to suffocation and walkover.

According to Uttar Pradesh Chief Secretary Manoj Kumar Singh, overcrowding significantly contributed to the stampede. Despite the organizers estimating 80,000 attendees, the number exceeded 2.5 lakh, far surpassing the venue’s capacity.

Rescue teams acted fast, taking victims to nearby hospitals. But the number of people hurt was so large that local hospitals couldn’t handle it all. Bodies piled up in hospitals, and families waited anxiously to identify and take home their loved ones.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath visited Hathras to oversee relief efforts and meet with the injured. He undertook a thorough investigation into the incident, promising to hold accountable those responsible for the lapse in crowd management and safety protocols.

A police report has been filed against the organizers of the Hathras ‘Satsang’. The complaint says there were too many people at the event and accuses the organizers of not ensuring safety. The complaint mentions overcrowding at the venue, and security lapse on the part of the organisers, thus calling for an investigation.

Meet Bhole Baba, who is missing after the Hathras stampede, which tragically took the lives of 121 people.

Since last night, Uttar Pradesh Police have been searching Ram Kutir Charitable Trust in Mainpuri district for ‘Bhole Baba’, who organized the ‘Satsang’ in Hathras at Pulrai village on July 2, where 121 people tragically lost their lives in a stampede. Deputy Superintendent of Police Sunil Kumar confirmed that Baba ji was not found at the location.

“We did not find Baba inside the campus…He is not here…” said Deputy SP Sunil Kumar, as reported by ANI.

The state government has registered an FIR against the event organizers.

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