Turkey at a crossroads Part-2 (Final)

By : MD IRSHAD AYUB (https://www.facebook.com/mdirshad.ayub)

Growing strategic synergy ties Russia

The increasingly forging ties with Russia on major international issues such as Syria, also an immediate neighbor of Turkey that seems to have reflecting bringing peace and stability in Syria. Paradigm shift of Ankara’s policy pertaining to Syrian president Assad is also the reflection of the same. Because of the fact that Russia has played a profound and vital in giving detail intelligence information about coup plotters. After failed-coup, the first foreign tour of Erdogan was Russia in which both were agreed to establish a sustained, substantive and constructive diplomatic relations. Now both nations have attained a new level of understanding friendship and strategic depth.

Both decided to work closely to boost counter-terror and insurgency cooperation including effective information sharing and capacity building.They agreed to cooperate closely to promote peace and stability in war-ravaged Syria and bringing the civil war to end.Moreover, both Ankara and Moscow are agreed to intensify their cooperation against international terrorism and pledged to pulverize ISIS. Before long they are going to have been turned Daesh’s phony caliphate to dust. The burgeoning and deepening the Turkish-Russian military entente will add a further dimension to the overall. In the long run, it would result in bringing peace and prosperity, stability in the regions.

Their relationship are based on deeper economic engagement, growth of trade and tourism industry, a continued bolstering anti-terror operations, manufacturing and investment ties as well as partnership to increase cooperation in the field of oil and gas.

Upcoming constitutional referendum

The constitutional referendum is scheduled to take place in June 2017. If it would succeed, then it is going to put the final nail in the coffin of so called country’s western democracy. But at the same time it must be emphasized that it would pave the way for bolstering the spiritual democracy which is based on the values and morals of Turkish culture and society. They will grant the president full executive powers, abolish the post of Prime minister, and significantly reduce the powers of parliament. In addition to, it will give the unprecedented and unbridled rights to the president that has power and authority to dissolve parliament, veto legislation, decide the budget and appoint ministers as well. Sometimes it becomes necessary to take tough and appropriate steps to save country’s unity and integrity. It is well said that changing rules for changing needs and unchanging rules for unchanging needs. If Erdogan would succeed in upcoming referendum, then it will be an unprecedentedly radical shift for post-Kemalist Turkey.

Security and foreign policy perspectives

In context of security, terrorism will continue to remain a grave threat during 2017. Innocent Turkish people unfortunately will continue to bear the brunt of IS and Kurdish terrorist attacks. Because Turkey surrounding with decimated old middle east region, and situated at a strategically important with complicated regions. President Erdogan should use all his tools to eliminate terrorism from Turkish soil whether these tools could be political, humanitarian, economic, law enforcement or intelligence. Erdogan should urge all the Muslim leaders especially in the Middle East region and bring together all to oppose IS nihilistic vision and genocidal agenda, to demolish their revenue sources, to kill Daesh’s leaders, to curb their recruitment as well as rebut their poisonous ideals and chaotic ideologically ideas as well. They are undoubtedly a genocidal enemy of Muslim Ummah. The fact of the matter is that Erdogan was possibly one of the few world leaders that admitted the nature of the tectonic shift across the globe. Also, he is one of the few leaders all over the world that has a profound grasp of geopolitical manoeuvring, the fulcrum of geostrategic imperatives as well as modern warfare doctrines.

It is very sad to say that within the Muslim world Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran are major players instead of resolving the problems; they are battling amongst each other to grip the crumbling old Middle East and jostling each other to spread the sphere of influence in already decimated and devastated Muslim world.


Shams Tabrez Qasmi is the Founder & Chief Editor of Millat Times Group, featuring news stories, ground reports and interviews on YouTube. Host Khabar Dar Khabar and debate show " Desh K Sath". He contributes to several news publications as columnist , Ex Director & Member at Press Club Of India. Email: stqasmi@gmail.com