Twitter Suspends account of Maskoor Usmani, Former President, AMUSU on Criticising UAPA on Meeran & Safoora

After suspension of his twitter account Dr. Maskoor Ahmad Usmani , Former President, AMUSU said that “The recent developments in India specifically in the socio-political domain is an alarming state of nature. The catastrophe of hate and hate-mongering against one community has taken to the helm of Indian politics. It is astounding to read the news headlines and the repercussions of taking freedom of speech into the real spirit of constitutionalism. This shall present the distorted images of large-hearted tolerance, secularism and a republic state, that is India.”

We all have been browsing and unfortunately reading news headlines, that speaks volumes about the amount of arbitrary power used by the majoritarian govt in the centre. It’s is in the very remorse feelings that in the time of great pandemic and life-saving moments, the Indian government is proving to be a great assault on the selective Indian Muslim students and activists. They are being slapped with the baneful charges of great disparaging laws like the UAPA against their individuality. If democracy is not exercised with the values of Dissenting, what one calls it at the end of the system?

There is a complete rampage on the imarging Muslim students who have shown their academically and socially acclaimed works to aware people against the draconian laws that are to be proven an assault in the Idea of the Republic of India. What safari is suffering is the complete derivative answer to India’s democracy? She is pregnant and the law with its arbitrary power has sent her behind bars, her child shall remember, one fine day, the philosophy of the preamble died many times in the pages of history, when justice and equality were called. What shall we respond then? A time, for a prompt pondering Usmani said.

The strategic targets have escalated to a new level in the country. There is a new pattern of massacring dissenters and the voices that have questions for the government and its policies. This is when, it becomes very lethal for the majoritarian govt and for their ideology, as those faces are from the Muslim majority and they fear because the Muslims will rise for the cause of reason and dusted with hatred ideologies, they fear the creation of it down the line. The same case is seen from the technological world, social applications, such as twitter.

The social media, twitter is on record from the last six months and year that is on the negative poll and the creation of hate in the civil society of India. The twitter is scanning all the Muslim activists and suspending their accounts in bulk numbers without any prior notice to the individuals, few of them are, @maskoor @amufarrukh.
This is a well-defined plot that the BJP it cell is taking helping hand from the twitter to suspend these accounts.

We have all been aspired to take this nation to a successful and effective deliberative democracy and a strong polity of reasons and criticism. If this is against one individual party ideologies, then this shall not be deemed by any reasons obligatory for all to accept. We as citizens of the nation hold serious responsibilities to answer the calls from the constitution and its values in our lives. No power, no party, no ideologies or no religion can stake hold of the Idea of India alone. It is all, it is the entire belief system of all the religions, ideologies, parties and people’s of India that Holdsworth the Idea of India. It’s on the people of India now, where will they see India in the coming 50 years? A dark one with horror reflections of fear and one-man rule or the one with the brightest future, promising of inclusive civil society and developed nations. The choice is ours.

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