Under Xi Jinping: China ascendancy, pragmatism trumps ideology in foreign policy, economy and technology

Communist China is going to be a potential threat to US supremacy & global Dominance as lone super Power. The growing Imbalance between two countries widening the future discourse of Power Politics, socio_economic strength, military preparedness & technological advancement.

China dramatically pullout millions of its poverty striken, drug addicted population from mass starvation, natural diseases & lethargy . A nation which always treated by foreign invaders as animals, the Magols, Japanese, & Western colonial Powers the Humiliated phase ended when Ding Xioping opened the doors for international connectivity, trade, FDI, & open diplomacy.

Twenty first century is the century of economic stability, the more you influence international market more you will dominate international politics. In twenty first Century, economy is taken as a ‘Religion’. It is the blood in the veins of the nation-state, vitality in the human muscles, bases of brutal wars & a reason for governments to rule.

US, & Former Soviet union fought their tug of war in multiple domains but it was purely military centric , creation of NATO, WARSAPACT , tragedy of Cubin Missile cries, U2 incident, Vietnam war, Korean war, 1979 Afghanistan invasion & other minor skirmishes were noted in cold war era. Both Powers madly increased their nuclear stockpiles, Warheads, LRM,MRM,ICBM . You can buy Tanks with gold but can’t buy gold with Tanks. Economic stagnation was the primary reason of disintegration of USSR.

China is leading in this regard China rapid GDP growth surpassed Germany Japan as 2nd largest economy in the world after US. A Slight comparison, Weaknesses & strength between two mighty Power’s

US economic strength is more than 18 trillions US dollars while China leading as 2nd largest economy with 14 Trillions of dollars. US economy is consumers based economy while China economy is marked oriented, export Based economy. China successfully dominated international markets with its Cheap & low price commodities. From London to New York, Tokyo, to Captown every where China pushed their products massively. Trade war ,Trade imbalance between US & China is the vital Reason Of Cheap Chinese products. China BRI project, Creaton BRICS , massive investment in European countries, Latin American ,Sahara & Sub Sahara region Middle East, Central Asia, South East Asia China put US far behind in foreign investment all over the world.

US which possess formidable military muscles is still considered as clumsy Military might. With thousands of Fighters jets, F35 Stealth aircraft to F21,F16,B52 Bomber’s, Highly sophisticated Attack Apatche, Cobra helicopters. Anti Missile defense system THAAD, Short Range & Medium range Tactical Weapons, Tomacrose Patriot Missile, dozen of Aircraft careers which total military budget is thrice time higher than Pakistan total military budget. Hundred of US military based across the country, US also has the capability of blue water Navey. US nuclear capabilities ICBM , Nuclear warheads more than two million Military troops, nuclear Submarines are the worth capabilities any country posses in the world. In military strategies US is far far better then China .China military modernisation is quietly impressive but it but will decades to compete US in military Point of view.

US technological advancement has no limits all over the world, The Sallicon valley, Top of the list universities, Research centres are there in US. US soil is is rich intellectually. Both powers will compete each other in following domains in near future,
Artificial intelligence, Robotic warfare, cyber Warfare, 5G technology, Digital revolution, third strike Capabilities Space technology, Space warfare ,Anti Satellite ,

Geographical factors
US which has friendly neighbours, Good ties with surrounding states gives impressive advantage to its strength as superpower, while China is confronting on multiple Domains, South China Sea, Straight of Malacca, Indian ocean, US Japan, India, Australia quadrilateral partnership Against China , BRI,CPEC and shattered Regional security challenges.

Corona virus, Pandemic will decide the future of Power, history of Covid-19 will be written by its victors . China victory against Corona virus & It’s brutal implications on US ,Western world might be the decisive Factor of Twenty First century. China getting it’s advantage as God endearment

Qaiser Mahmood is a student of International Relations and Strategic analyst.The views and opinions in this article belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Millat Times.