Will not participate in rally called by Kanhaiya Kumar in Patna: Maskoor Usmani and Fahad Ahmad

Over the last two months, ever since the protests began against the CAA/NRC/NPR, Muslims have taken to the streets in large numbers in defence of their constitutional rights. They have faced threats, violence and right now in Delhi are paying with their lives for standing up for their rights. We have been active participants in these protests across the country and have sought to strengthen the movement, beyond any political considerations. But unfortunately for some others, this is only a moment for political consolidation at the cost of our fight for equal citizenship and for dignity.

The most positive thing to have come out in these two months is that the Muslim community has found a voice and are asserting themselves politically. We believe that any movement against these discriminatory laws has to take Muslims as equal participants, and not just as crowds. But when we saw the posters of the rally, we were surprised how many prominent voices from within the Muslim community, were not invited for the program – be it Umar Khalid or IPS Abdur Rahman, who quit from service in protest against CAA and many others. Even the names of those like us who had been invited were conveniently invisibilized by not making them public. We were told that this is being done for ‘tactical’ reasons. We are appalled by this reasoning and find it another form of majoritarian politics. We consider it politically wrong to legitimize a platform that even while claiming to stand against the persecution of minorites, is trying to subtly silence minority voices. We consider it more important that we move to Delhi, where we are required, rather than attend this program. We wish them all the best, but we ourselves can’t participate in it.

Fahad Ahmad, Former General Secretary, TISS Students’ Union
Maskoor Ahmed Usmani, Former President, AMUSU

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