WPI labelled the 10% Reservation for economic weak amongst upper caste as election gimmick by the Modi Government

M T News Network,New Delhi:SQR Ilyas National President of Welfare Party of India in his Press Statement called Modi government decision of extending the benefits of quota to the economically weaker sections amongst upper caste as an Election fanda.

He questioned the timings,intention & sincerity of the Modi led BJP government and said if it was genuinely  interested in economically empowering the weaker sections amongst upper caste it would have introduced this Bill four years back and would have it passed in the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and got it ratified  by 50% of the States.  
He further added that the BJP government had failed in all fronts, It has failed to create enough jobs and by introducing this bill it only wants to symbolically represent the poor from uppercaste. 

In a caste ridden society like ours where thousands of years of discrimination of Dalit which is the main factor for their backwardness cannot be ignored, he further added.
Dr Ilyas pointed out that any reservation solely based on economic criteria is unconstitutional and the prerequisite condition for reservation under Article16 is social backwardness. 

The idea one can address economic deprivation alone through reservation is not correct  but some concrete steps should also be undertaken, he concluded.

M Qaisar Siddiqui is a young journalist and editor at Millat Times