BRIEF ON 4thWEBINAR CONDUCTED BY Noida International University

Tarnnum Athar

Noida ( Uttar Pradesh ) The 4th WEBINAR conducted by the School of law and legal affairs (SLLA), NIU on the Topic ‘For Environment Today is Tomorrow’s Yesterday’. The Speaker for the session was Former Supreme Court Justice Arijit Pasayat. The Convener of the Webinar was Dr. Parantap Kumar Das HOD, School of Law and Legal Affairs, Noida International University and the moderators were Mr.Baidyanath Mukherjee- Assistant Professor- School of Law and Legal Affairs, NIU and Miss Soumi Chatterjee – Assistant Professor – School of Law and Legal Affairs, NIU.

The Webinar began with a welcome note to Chairman, Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor and the Speaker by Mr. Baidyanath Mukherjee, he then requested the head of the department of School of Law and Legal Affairs, Dr. Parantap Kumar Das to formally introduce the Speaker Justice Arijit Pasayat, after which the session commenced.

The session was attended by over 600 participants from all across the country and had an overwhelming outcome. Justice Pasayat enlightened the participants about the various challenges the environment goes through due to human interference and the national and international different laws that cover and safeguard the environment from various offenses that disturb our ecological system. Also, he talked about the duties of a common citizen towards saving our environment and the importance of sustainable development. His ambit of speech included both Indian as well as International views and their coping mechanism with the issue of environmental distress around the world.

The speech was then followed by Question and Answer round conducted by Mr.Baidyanath Mukherjee, where various participants put forward their doubts and views in front of the speaker. Thereafter, the vote of thanks was delivered by Miss. Soumi Chatterjee and the session was successfully concluded.

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