FIR registered against Lucknow woman seen mercilessly assaulting cab driver after video sparks outrage trends as #arrestlucknowgirl

Uttar Pradesh police has filed an FIR against a woman in Lucknow who was seen repeatedly hitting and punching a cab driver at a traffic crossing in the city. The dramatic spectacle was caught on video by which soon began trending on social media with the hashtag “ArrestLucknowGirl”.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Central (Lucknow), Chiranjeev Nath Sinha said the case has been filed after the man who was slapped lodged a complaint.

“In the case of the viral video of a woman slapping a man, we received a complaint from the man today. Based on the complainant, An FIR was filed in Krishna Nagar police station under relevant sections,” DCP Sinha said.

In the video, a bespectacled woman dressed in a white t-shirt and jeans and sports shoes, the woman is seen crossing a street at a zebra crossing at Awadh Crossing here even as vehicles stream by and stopping in front of a cab. She proceeds to open the cab driver’s door and drags him out and starts slapping and hitting him pulling him by the collar. The driver can be seen requesting bystanders to call policewomen to the scene. “Aaplog mahila police bulaye, ” he is heard saying in the video.

The woman continues assaulting him repeatedly and at one point is seen flinging the phone of the cabbie, which had fallen on the ground. A bystander who attempts to intervene also gets a slap from the woman.

In between the video also shows a traffic policeman intervening and separating the woman from the cabbie and escorting them to the side of the road but after a short while the woman again corners the man and starts hitting him.

Meanwhile, the cab driver identified as Sadat Ali Siddiqui said that after the incident police took both him and the woman to the police station but the police filed a case against him based on her complaint. “Police did not even take my complaint and kept me inside lockup for 24 hours,” he added. The cab driver’s lawyer said that when his client’s brother came to know about the incident, he along with some friends arrived at the police station and managed to get his brother released on a personal bond.

Courtesy: ANI news agency

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