Prophet Muhammad (SAW): The Paragon Of Virtue In All Realms

M. Nadeem Ahmed Ansari

The birthday of the prophet (SWS) is the birthday of a brilliant personality, who is the most merciful for the whole universe. That day was definitely gracious and most imperative. It was actually the most splendid day of the month of Rabiul Awwal of the era, when the cream of the universe, head of the messengers, last seal of the prophets, selected and chosen: Muhammad (SWS) took birth in this world. Though there is no order to celebrate the birthday in Islam nor did Shari’at specify any custom, but after all that day was goody and gracious.

When the month of Rabiul Awwal comes songs and chants are being heard in our mosques and streets. Every individual of the prophet’s nation gets prepared to celebrate the birthday of their beloved prophet. They hold jamborees on the topic of morality of the prophet at mosques and junctions. Let these be aside. But the writer wants to share with you a heartrending aspect of the same. Do we think that the remembrance of the prophet for some days is enough or it was only our prophet’s right upon us? Do we show love in this way?

I think the answer would be with no’s and you also be completely agreed with me that the remembrance of the prophet (SWS) must be through-out the year and every time. It is our great responsibility to propagate the teachings of the prophet (SWS) especially when humanity is impaired, the bloody battle is going on, and the value of humans has been decreased. The worldly avidity has made the human out of sense. There have been criminal spots in every street. People have become enemies of their own brothers. Descendants disagreed with their parents and parents are confused about their children. What should I mention or leave; there are countless things strike in my mind and heart and pass through. However, there is no use to discuss only diseases. Therefore let me prescribe real treatment and it is the propagation of the prophet’s teachings and act upon them.

Allah Almighty has sent thousands of messengers and each one has invited people to know the creator ones and live according to His will. Their common message was that the killing of human beings and spread terrorism is not human’s act, but it is an act of satan (the devil). All human beings are from one man and woman. (Adam & Hawwa (ALS)) We all are brothers and sisters. This world is a practical house. Those live according to the commands of Allah and beautify their deeds; Akhirah is the Darul jaza (house of return) for them. All would have to go through examination and get either Jannat (paradise) or Jahannam (Hell) accordingly. Those who understand this formula get success and those stick with the world get no vain.

The prophet (SWS) has illustrated that one should live in the world like a ship that floats in the water but doesn’t let water to come in. If the water comes in, the ship would have drowned into the water. The same example goes with the human being; if the love of the world has overcome one’s heart he would get perished. All messengers including the prophet Muhammad (SWS) were sent to propagate this message. Indeed the door of prophethood has locked forever; nevertheless, those want to get success must follow the prophet Muhammad (SWS).

Let us find the teachings of the beloved prophet Muhammad (SWS) by which we can flourish in the world and hereafter too. They are exactly saved in the shape of the Quran, Hadees, and Seerat. We just need to practice upon them. As we all know that the satan is an eternal enemy of human beings, and he has decided to allure and mislead them from here and there, from the right and left but from all directions and never gives the chance up. The prophet (SWS) has said that the satan sits beside humans’ hearts with a poisonous trunk and penetrates with a lot of misapprehensions. It is a fact that the satan doesn’t compel anyone to act upon bad deeds, but he just misguides toward the evils and human, by his own choice, acts upon that. Have a glance at our society how does he differentiate human beings from each other, even Muslims are enemy of Muslims, while they were brothers. Most of them practice cruelty and oppress others in the name of religion, and on the other hand, most of them believe in innovations and superstitions as true religion. They consider those believers who invite to the true religion as their enemy. The prophet (SWS) did not consider his own enemy as much they do so. The prophet (SWS) came in the world to spread mercy and sympathy. His aim was to escape people from hell and lead them to Jannah (Paradise). He wanted to illuminate people from the darkness of Shirk (partnership in Godhood) to the light of Iman (faith). He taught Muslims to live as they are brothers. He also taught how to behave with non-Muslims. Those who want to see the examples should study the biography of the Prophet Muhammad (SWS). He let female newborns to be alive, articulated the dignity of women in the society, and he assisted to have good morals with parents and relatives. He clarified the rights of neighbors. He taught how to behave with strangers. He threatened of harming animals, as those do so will go to hell. He prohibited having immorality with the prisoners. He prohibited from mutilation. He said not to cut off trees of fruits. Alas! Strangers are accusing Islam and Muslims as terrorists and some so-called Muslims also spoil the pure and clean image of Islam. It is just an example of the teachings of the prophet (SWS) which he inculcated in the hearts of Muslims.

The month of Rabiul Awwal – in which the gist of the universe prophet (SWS) came in the world, on this occasion is waving flags in the streets, singing some religious songs in his admiration or listening some long speeches sufficient? It is obvious that the purpose of messengers’ advent may not be achieved in this way. But we have to stand up to follow the teachings of the prophet (SWS); otherwise, humanity could not get peace and tranquillity. Today we will have to resolute about following the teachings of the prophet (SWS) in every field of life whether they are related to domestic or tribal matters. This is the way by which we can prove ourselves as true lovers of the prophet (SWS). We will have to practically propagate his teachings, and behave well with family and relatives. We will have to co-operate neighbours and friends. We will have to care about the security of the country.

If we do so then it will be a little bit effort to fulfill the responsibility of being of a part of the prophet’s nation, otherwise, he needs not of ours. As there is no effect comes in the Godhood of Allah almighty if we do or don’t act upon His commands, likewise, no difference would be existed in the prophethood of Muhammad (SWS) because of practicing on some costumes. It is very deprivation of us that we do as we wish and expect Allah’s pleasure. Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani (RH) said: those who do not obey his master are really deprived. (Fuyooze Yazdni: 356) May Allah grant us the right understanding.

The Writer is an Islamic Scholar and Freelance Columnist. This article is translated by M. Faiyaz Alam Qasmi. He is an Islamic Scholar, too, a graduate of Darul Uloom Deoband (World’s largest Islamic seminary).

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