i’m a traveller

By: Sayeda Gousiya Quadri

What a beautiful day! Yes Alhumdulilah! I’m being given another day! I feel like special, unique and wished, indeed my surrounding is a bit complicated. I don’t understand why are we so short tempered or least bothered about things that matters to heart. Well I take it as another challenge each day to make myself work to make a change . Will I be able to bring a change, a change to make the people in my surrounding realise that they mean to me , their little chat, laughter, a share of thought or anything which they feel like to share with , it really really means to me. But how do I do that ? Express , sometimes a little tap on shoulder of our young one makes them realise that you are happy for their little achievement, “You did it” these very words make someone’s day, “you can count on me” would give a feel of strength and belonging to the one who was longing for it. Doing with utmost sincerity what is assigned instead of thinking “why should I be sincere when my boss isn’t bothered to about” , well let’s remember it’s the duty for which I have been assigned a job and being paid Alhumdulilah, not for boss but for our job at hand we must focus and get done ✅ the work . Change begins with self , if I change everything changes. Why do I do all this ? Because I’m a traveller in Duniya. A traveller has a journey to cover and reach its destination and while in it. He / She should know that our journey would come to an end one day in this very Duniya and would have another one to begin with, this is a short journey whereas the other is a long one. I must be prepared for my longer journey , how do I do this again? Well while getting up every morning we get another day of journey in Duniya and we must grab as many opportunities as possible to convert those into good deeds. These would be our provisions to sustain in the longer journey. Do not worry about the darkness in this Duniya because every darkness surpasses with light. It’s the light you carry with you, and the same would bring out many from the clutches of darkness, what a great traveller I and you would be, if we make someone else’s path brightened . Yes we can do this each and everyday, we are very blessed to have been given a day , it’s a huge reward for a person to believe who is alive and experiences the beauty of it. Those who never got a chance to see a day are those who know what they lost , well if they travelled with light then they do not need to be upset over the end of its journey but rather would be happy that they led the path with patience, gratitude, humbleness, love, care, forgiveness- these are the different shades of light , radiating immense brightness- that can brighten up masses. Have you heard some one telling you” You are a light” or may be “you made my day” well congratulations you are one ☝️ of those who traveled this Duniya before you with light spreading happiness because of whom we are being enlightened . You are among those who believe that one day I will meet my creator . I will not go alone but I would want everyone of my people to witness that day. Let’s be a traveller with light, lighting up lives. Because every soul is innocent and doesn’t deserve to be suffered , if we have seen anyone in darkness , then let’s extend a hand that can pull someone out of darkness , out of wrong path, why ?

because I’m a traveller, and the other one too indeed is.

Shams Tabrez Qasmi is the Founder & Chief Editor of Millat Times Group, featuring news stories, ground reports and interviews on YouTube. Host Khabar Dar Khabar and debate show " Desh K Sath". He contributes to several news publications as columnist , Ex Director & Member at Press Club Of India. Email: stqasmi@gmail.com