Public Library must be in all cities and villages

Public library must be contructed in the cities and villages. The term Ignorance is a blank sheet on which we may write but error is scribbled one which we must first erase. It is the need of hour to put an efforts on inquiry based learning and critical thinking, must be done away with rot learning. The concerned authorities should build new library or renovated the old one, considering the genuine and fundamental demand of the Students. In this regard, Minister of education must take concrete measures and issue sanction of new and standard level library on emergency basis. All educated people including the students ,intellectuals, scholars and lawyers are living in a densely populated towns but they are being deprived of deliberation, debate and observing in the library that is surely a tragedy of our future builders and other seekers of information. I don’t criticise nor it’s a proper way to blame anyone on that negligence why all educationists have not raised this solemn and long standing issue on governmental platforms. Library is a place where any knowledgeable person may gain information,and library is an attractive place especially for the students where in the library they read books,novels,magazines,historical books curriculum and co- curriculum books of their own choices. Really library is the centre of knowledge and center of controlling on negative thoughts and avoiding from negative company. Particularly library is the best and noiseless place for our learned elders where they can study and share their knowledge and experiences of life to others. Every teacher and every literate knows the need and importance of library and they know better that all the developed & advanced countries have high standard libraries and they have provided authentic materials for readers. Library cultivates studying and positive habbits in the minds of students really this is undeniable fact,and the students can utilize their leisure time reading in the library.I will write and speak for humanity and for the betterment of every person according to my strength.

The Almighty has imparted our citizens to every kind of blessing and abundance of wealth,but they don’t spend on books though they should donate for private library and for the future buildres. Would that there were a public library and We would go with my colleagues and study free of cost,certainly there is no age limit acquiring knowledge.

Library is our collective and fundamental right all of us, so let’s highlight this great and consecrated cause solemnly and sincerely for the shinning and prosperous future of our city. Everyone and the individual of each school of thought must come forward and create awareness as well as fight for such rights.

Prince Dummar is a graduate student

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